Super-14 Load Bolt – Primary





Super-14 Load Bolt

This is the primary 7/8″ Load Bolt for the Super-14 Differential Case.

Compatible with a carrier diameter of 8.600″

The load bolt is designed to function as overload protection for the differential.  The load bolt is designed to be set at a distance of 0.0015″ to 0.002″ off the back side of the ring gear.  If the differential and gear setup see a high load resulting in gear climb the ring gear will contact the brass tip of the load bolt, thus preventing gear climb.

If you have a Super-14 that will see torque inputs beyond 800 ft /lbs we recommend installing a Load Bolt into the differential case.


Please Note- There are two load bolt holes machined in to in the Super-14 differential case.  If you are running a single load bolt this is the unit that you will need.  We only recommend running a secondary 3/4″ load bolt on applications running torque inputs beyond 1,100 ft/lbs.

If you are running this load bolt you will need to ensure that your carrier is machined to diameter of 8.600″ for the load bolt to properly clear the carrier and position correctly behind the rear face of the ring gear.


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