Ford Dana 60 Kingpin Big Brake Brackets (17 Inch Wheel)



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Torq Ford Dana-60 14 Inch Big Brake Conversion Brackets

  • Awesome Stopping Power
  • Upgrades to 14 Inch Rotors and BIG Calipers
  • Simple Conversion
  • Works with Ford Kingpin Dana 60 Front Axle
  • Fits Wheels 17″ or larger


  • 17″ or larger wheels
  • Machining the perimeter of your hub down approximately 0.120″
  • SRW Hubs (Front Single Rear Wheel Width Hubs)
  • OEM Dana 60 King Pin Hubs (aftermarket hubs require shimming to adjust hub offset)
  • A Ford Kingpin Dana 60 SRW width front axle (will not work with ball joint axles)

If you own a Ford Dana 60 Steering axle and happen to be looking for better brakes this kit is for you.  Our Big Brake Kit allow you to upgrade your Dana 60 to use 2009 and later Dodge 3500 14 Inch Rotors and Calipers.  This kit has a number of added benefits. With a matched master cylinder the kit will easily lock up a set of 40 inch tires at highway speeds.  The conversion is easy to do install.  You also gain the benefit of having the Dodge 14 inch rotors slip over the hub once the installation is completed.

PLEASE NOTE- This conversion does require you to machine the outside diameter (outside perimeter surrounding the lug stud holes in the hub) to 7.850″. This is necessary to allow the rotor to slip over the hub.


***These parts are for Off-Road use only! The CUSTOMER assumes liability for any use of this product on public or private roads.

Note on Fitment: 1978 – 1979 Ford Dana 60 Axles may require extra fitting.  Some additional fitting / grinding of the gusset on the bracket may be required to make the bracket fit flush against the knuckle. This depends on the shape of the casting of your knuckle.  Ford knuckle casting can be different depending on year, make and model.  Depending on the offset of the hub you may require and additional 1/8″ shim to adjust the depth of the wheel relative to the rotor and caliper.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DUALLY HUBS. We are looking for a solution for integration with dually hubs.

Tech & FAQ

Lug Studs-

Q- What is the part number for the lug studs that I need?

A- There are a number of lug stud options available to help you complete your Big Brake conversion.   Due to the enormous combinations of wheels, wheel materials (ie steel wheels vs aluminum wheels) one stud does not work universally for every conversion.  The other factor that comes in to play is the condition of the hub and the nominal (average) lug stud hole size in your factory wheel hubs.  Generally speaking the nominal lug stud hole diameter can range from ~0.606″ to 0.625″ +/- .  The best thing to do is use a pair of dial/digital calipers and determine the nominal lug stud hole size, averaged between all 16 holes in your two front wheel hubs.  This gives you the starting point to determine the lug stud diameter, stud knurl diameter, and stud length that you will need.  Stud diameter is pretty straight forward.  9/16 is the most common but there are 14mm options as well.  Knurl diameter is the serrated diameter on the stud that presses into the hub and gives you your mechanical interference to lock the stud in place.  Typically you want a knurl diameter that is 0.003″ to 0.005″ larger than the lug stud hole on your hub.  PLEASE NOTE: We have found Dorman knurl diameter tolerances to range quite a bit from the printed diameters on the stud number specification. When buying your lug studs it’s always a good idea to take a set of digital calipers with you to double check what you are purchasing from your local parts house.

The Bottom Line on Lug Studs:  Most Dana 60 SRW (single rear wheel) front hubs run a Dorman 610-283 lug stud. This stud has an under head length of 2.531″. Because of the step under the head of the factory stud, you will need to swap your lug stud to a Dorman 610-382 or machine the step off your existing studs. This stud has an under head length of 2.406″ and a knurl of 0.648″. This stud is 0.125″ shorter than the OE stud. If you are running a thicker wheel please double check that this length will work with your wheel.

Other Dorman lug studs that we have had success with are listed below:





610-442.1 (14 mm metric)

This handy link will give you a full spreadsheet that includes all of the wheel lug studs in Dorman’s catalog.  You can use the filters in the spreadsheet to run a parametric search for your needed lug stud dimensions:


Brake Master Cylinder-

Q- What Brake Master Cylinder Should I Run?

A- Well… That depends…

Not to give a crappy answer but it really does depend.  We have seen these big brake conversion kits go in to such a wider variety of applications that it is hard to narrow a single compatible master cylinder.  Our big brake kit is designed to utilize brake components from a 2009 and newer 1 ton Dodge Ram 3500 pickup.  The Dodge calipers are massive and require a large amount of fluid volume to operate properly.  The correct master cylinder really comes down to running a master cylinder that will accommodate your firewall, booster (either vacuum or hydro-assist) and give you enough fluid volume to operate properly.  Some of the other considerations include reservoir height versus hood clearance and port location for brake lines.  Here are some helpful observations that we have found; 2009 and newer 1 ton Dodge and Ford master cylinders push a very similar fluid volume.  The third option is to look at a 2009 or newer 1 ton GM Master cylinder.  We have also notice that some master cylinders will have shorter (lower volume) reservoirs when the master cylinder is selected from a single cab truck versus a crew cab truck of the same year make and model.  The options are about as wide as the selection of project vehicles that these conversion kits go into.

We have found that a 2000 Dodge Ram 3500 master cylinder (AutoZone Part Number NM 3060) will nearly bolt right into a TJ (mopar booster).  Some minor modification to the push rod is required.

We are looking forward to feedback from our customers to see what combinations of master cylinders they have had work for their projects.  As we get more feedback we will post additional information to help.


Proportioning Valve-

We strongly recommend the addition of a good proportioning valve with the addition of this brake conversion on your vehicle.

The two units that we like are made by Wilwood.

If you are looking to only bias the rear axle only look at Wilwood Part Number #260-8419

If your are looking to bias the front and rear axle of your project look at Wilwood Part Number #260-11179


Brake Lines & Banjo Bolts-

Q- What banjo bolt do I need to make my brake lines work?

A- The banjo bolt for the caliper is a 10 mm x 1.00 thread. 25 mm long.


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